By submitting this intake form you understand and agree to the statements below:

Hypnosis can be a wonderful tool to complement your healing journey, however, it's not a substitute for medical care or treatment prescribed by your primary doctor, therapist, or counselor. The facilitator (KPF) is not responsible for diagnosing or treating any medical condition. Observations exchanged between the facilitator and participant (you) are confidential unless someone is endangering themselves or others. Your personal information will be kept private and never shared beyond this form.

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Your participation in the experience is entirely consensual.
Participants acknowledge that any changes in their perceptions throughout the experience are voluntary and always with their best interests in mind.

The facilitator has the right to refuse service based based on situational circumstances. The minus any transaction fees charged by the booking site. Minors under 18 must have written consent from their legal guardians to participate in astrology OR hypnosis/meditation sessions.

Results from astro/hypnosis will vary between sessions and clients; Because of this, we cannot guarantee any particular changes or experience. Daydreaming experiences are created under KPFKPF LLC. 


Rescheduling is possible with more than 24hr of notice but limited to availability. Participantsare free to terminate the sessions at any time.
The deposit serves as a last minute cancelation / no-show fee and is not refundable. Refunds can only be issued after 48hrs after a payment has been sent and cannot be requested after a session has passed.