Natal Astrology Reading


Concrete insights centered on planet based narratives.

Neo-classical birth chart readings building off 2400+ years of history. Contemporary interpretations are rooted in traditional Renaissance studies, 20th-century Uranian cosmology, and teachings from industry-leading professionals.

1h Consultation | 150.00

Revolutions' Forecast; Solar Return, Birthday Reading, etc.


Predictions revealed by the sun, moon, & planets

A synthesis of your solar return, progressions, phases, etc., compared against your birth chart. We identify the active themes of your current life chapter by using various techniques to cast charts rooted in your nativity.

1h Consultation | 170.00

"With a powerful and knowledgeable grasp of astrology; my hypnosis session with Katia was an enlightening opportunity to ease into my subconscious and shift my awareness and perspective on hidden fears. I feel better equipped to revisit these spaces and experiences on my own."

January 2022

I had a wonderful reading that deeply connected me to ideas about my family, friends, partner, and children. Some of the conversations really opened my eyes to areas I can focus on throughout the year.

February 2022

"Katia is a gentle astrologer who tends to your needs by asking questions and making deep connections based on your sign, natal chart, or cards. I always recommend them to everyone who is curious about astrology!"

December 2021

Solar Return and Natal Astrology Reading


Blended interpretations of your annual forecast & natal astrology.

Your birth chart is the root to all your personalized astrology predictions. We'll get familiar with your nativity before jumping into your current chart(s) of the year.
This session is recommended for people wanting a Solar Return reading who would benefit from a foundational chart overview.

90min Consultation | 220.00Plus Recording

Guided DAYDREAMS are my catch-all for everything that’s a part of my practice having to do with astrology, hypnosis, and even divination. These freestyle sessions are custom to the clients’ intentions. We pull form my toolbox of approaches to find the best support for your needs.

Daydreaming is working with the medicine of our imagination and the neuroplasticity of our brain. Chose between a deeply focused 2hr consult or two 1hr sessions over the span of a week. Sign up for the multi-session package to structure your experiences across a month-long intensive. Let your experience bloom over a period of time to ensure you reach your desired objectives.

Additional consultations that build on the same topic can be scheduled individually for up to 7 weeks after your original purchase date.

ONE x 120min | 250.00

TWO x 60min | 250.00

THREE x 60min | 300.00

+60min | 70.00

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your cosmic blueprint & celestial timings

Neo-classical readings building off 2400+ years of history. Contemporary interpretations rooted in traditional background in Medieval, Renaissance, 20th century Uranian cosmobiology, and teachings from industry leading professionals. Foundational and advanced studies under the Oraculos School of Astrology, plus various other schools of thought.


Concrete insights centered on planet-based narratives. Consulting astrologer since 2020. 

Delineations include: Predictive astrology using revolutions, progressions, directions, embolismic lunations, and phase returns. Horary and dream charts. Observing using the nodes, eclipses, and pulling from evolutionary astrology when appropriate. Medial astrology basics, gem and herbal associations. Locational astrocartography.
Basic understandings of medical astrology.

In recent years this astrology practice acknowledges Human Design as another tool to support clients, primarily in Hypnosis consultations.


a goal-oriented practice of meditation, manifestation, & materialization

Hypnosis allows us to engage with non-ordinary states of consciousness where positive suggestions can be more easily introduced to our subconscious minds. Through deeply-relaxing exercises involving guided breathwork and visualizations, we can work with our brain's neuroplasticity to transform into our ideal selves.

When we enter a trance state it becomes easier create new neuro-pathways and evoke our desired changes more efficiently. Taking our focused attention into deeply relaxed states generates theta waves, which naturally occur just before falling asleep. In this 'dream' state we can unlock memories, reframe beliefs, and recondition our habits.


I am certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists as a consulting practitioner and graduate of The Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis.

My style of trance work is also informed by cultural practices and curanderismo rites. This includes energy clearing, limpias, and soul loss work learned through mentors in my communities.